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I am Taranjeet Singh, and I can help you start your business, build your product, design your system architecture and grow an engineering team. I can also help you in increasing engagement within your company by conducting various events like hackathons, quizzes.


I have tried running my own startup twice in college and once afterwards. I was able to launch the product and get some early customers, but failed in operations and scaling. However it was a great experience in terms of learning. Here is a little brief about what I was trying to build and why it failed.

Open Source

I am an active Open source developer. Some of my major contributions include


I have a special love for hackathons. I feel that hackathons are a way to accelerate learning, increase engagement and team building, improve society through technology and helps in the assessment of an individual. Some of my contributions are

Work Experience

I have worked at Paytm (2015-2017), and Gradeup (2017-2018). I have interned at Schneider Electric (2013) and (2014).


I love helping people around the world with whatever best I can. I am open for work opportunities, collaboration on some projects, advice or some tea. Find me via email or Twitter @taranjeet7114

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